Hello everyone!

Holmel Foods Corporation is a lame turtle. I didn’t think it would be that long, but I think it was my longest held swing position so far at 594 days, 15% return. This is 9.2% for one year.


Hormel Foods Corporation (HRL: NYSE) 2019.03.22 – 2020.11.05.


Opening price: 43.37 USD
Opening date: 2019.03.22.
Cost of transaction: 0,6%
Closing price: 50.15 USD
Closing date: 2020.11.05.
Result of the trade: +15%

In fact, it wasn’t such a bad position, the market didn’t offer a better alternative for a long time, which is why I held it for so long. Due to the fierce price fluctuations of the spring coronavirus period, I thought it better to stay calm and hold the position. I’m not happy though, 15% over a year isn’t very steely, although let’s not forget, there are more on the market who have performed below this than those who have outperformed it.


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