Hi everyone!

I wrote to myself full of capital letters and three exclamation marks PATIENCE !!! I think I can say that the thing worked because it was my highest yield ever with swing trading! I also surpassed the number of days again in terms of holding time. 604 days! The annualized yield: + 147.5%.


National Beverage Corp. (FIZZ: NASDAQ) 2019.06.04 – 2021.01.29.


Opening price: 49.5 USD
Opening date: 2019.06.04.
Cost of transaction: 0,6%
Closing price: 164.7 USD
Closing date: 2021.01.29.
Result of the trade: +232.1% With dividend: +244.2%

Certainly with dividends, because I got dividends in the meantime and due to the long holding period I was entitled to them. Technically, it had a very nicely readable chart, and I really needed patience because in the first year, there was the market below the purchase price. By the end, it was already very overflowing, characterized by irrational euphoria, so I decided to close with satisfaction.


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