Complex Portfolio
As the name suggests, this entire portfolio contains the best stocks and crypto assets in the right proportion (70%-15%-15%) with value-based investment principles in mind.
For a longer term (Long trade 70%), we typically hold the shares of the best performing companies for 5+ years, while for a shorter term (Swing trade 15%), we typically hold the shares of companies that are still very good, but the shorter holding period is for 3-6 months because of this, it is not necessary to meet even the strictest conditions, and the purchase is primarily based on technical analysis, while in the case of Long trade, it is based on intrinsic value.

In the optimal case, taking into account the system risk, we hold crypto assets for 1+ years in the longer term, but the high volatility characteristic of the market (ten-to-hundredfold) provides the opportunity to hold them for a few weeks as well.

When it comes to starting capital, crypto assets allow you to start with a small amount. The suggested initial capital is $1250. This means nothing more than that the significant return achieved on crypto assets is used to fill up the portfolio. The recommended minimum starting size of the entire portfolio is $25 thousand.
The expected long-term minimum return was 15% + dividends before crypto assets were included in the portfolio. Effective annual average return since launch is 25.1% + dividends excluding crypto assets. This return will continue to rise with the inclusion of crypto assets in the portfolio. At the moment, however, it would be too early to calculate this! What is certain is that from the start of February 2021, the profit achieved on crypto assets ranges between 10x (ten times) and 30x (thirty times). Returns in detail


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