When I was young – at the age of 18-20 – a path was crystallized within me. These were not concrete, but rather an instinct that I wanted to do what no one did before. Something that is challenging and if I’m done I’ll be happy. I wanted to do something I could live an independent life with.

As a child thousands of questions were swirling in my mind about the great things in the world, for me this was the stock market. This was a mystical world that everyone had an opinion about, but what it exactly is and how it works, only a few knew.

But I needed answers. I knew there was going to be a long way to go and without help would not be easy. I bought my first share-weighted investment fund five years before the university, then during the university I got into the subject’s research, and I did all this in a completely self-taught way.


How I started!


I knew that I needed to sacrifice a lot of time and energy to achieve my goal and that the financial school was just a little part of the whole cake.

After my BA graduation, my illness became a serious complication, and later I could continue my learning process only at home.

In 2013 there was a serious turn in my life. I resumed my previous work, which I felt lost in 2010. I managed to combine the acquired knowledge between 2013 and 2015 and created a portfolio selection system that today provides SpEFEKTETO’s backbone.


How I started!


Warren Buffett and his philosophy were the greatest help in professional matters. Now I want to take this opportunity and thank him.

Always there is something to improve of course, but my 2-step system has been in operation since 2015. SpEFEKTETO’s users can enjoy and use these valuable informations for their own investments.



The obvious answer would be to do it for my illness, but I do not think so. For two things, one of them was the moment when my best friend taught me that to give is a good thing.

Walking in the pedestrian street of a small Hungarian town, we ran into a homeless person who asked for money. At that time I had enough money to give but I didn’t give him any. I thought that he would waste it anyway. Then my best friend who didn’t have much money at that time took out his wallet and gave the homeless person the little coins ha had.

Other of them was the fact that there is living a very precious woman in this world who said the following: “Giving back is a social responsibility.” So I think we should accept this advice. Help as much as you can, not more!





During the construction of the payment system, I raised the idea that I would like to divide my income into 90/10 and to offer 10% of it to unicef. Unfortunately, due to technology constraints, this could not succeed, so the only solution was left to transfer 10% of the income.

Through the payment service provider I got in touch with Krisztina Mina the fundraising director of UNICEF Hungary. She was very kind and helpful. She liked the idea so we quickly arranged a meeting where we discussed the details and signed the grant agreement. We got to know each other a little bit and we trust that our cooperation will be long and successful.

Finally, I would take this opportunity and I would like to thank her for this agreement.

Thank you Krisztina.





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